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Health Advice Therapy is Evidence-Based advice. Natural therapy online. Empowering people to help themselves. Providing the Self-Help pathway to the Pain Relief Lifestyle and the Pain Relief Diet. It's time to help your community heal itself one person at a time.

We bring love of life. We all want it better and we all want it longer. This is the way. Imagine finally realizing your vision of the ultimate success.



Follow the Science PILOT Program

A particular point to notice is that Health Advice Therapy is in the therapy field while Wellness RISK Management is in the Self-Help field.


Wellness RISK Management (WRM)



Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

The End Goal

S  M  A  R  T

S= Specific

     M= Measurable

   A= Attainable

R= Relevant

      T= Time-Based 

Above all, we want things thorough and comprehensive in the Self-Help field for workers to gain the advantages they need, at their own level, in Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. Small changes are usually easy. We help people find the right ones for them.


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Introducing Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette and his Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet.

This diet has been used in Dr. Ouellette's clinic for pain relief and Wellness in some form or another since the mid 1970's. The data in the FoodPainConnection is not new.

The biggest problem in modern health care is people not doing what science has shown they should be doing.


People who have physiological problems, physical problems, emotional problems, or mental problems need Wellness in the form of therapies directed at specific professional level strategies. People who do not have any of those issues will need Wellness in the form of non-therapy Self-Help strategies.
Wellness RISK Management is in the non-therapeutic Self-Help field with a few targeted specific therapy fields, (pain relief, weight loss, excessive consumptions) that have been drafted by Dr. Ouellette from science-based evidence.
These can all be measured against the Self-Help science with the exception of the Excessive Consumptions. People involved in those consumption issues simply need to be pointed in the right direction. If they choose not to go in those directions then that is their choice. They are then into the healthcare professional levels of care. However, there are some of those people who are at the right phase of their conditions, and understandings, to be willing to review themselves on their own. Consequently, we offer a start for these people.
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